Trnavská NAD, a.s. was founded on October 1st, 1995 by the transformation of the former ČSAD, which was founded in 1957. The new TNAD, a.s. continued the business of ČSAD. The modernization not only of the fleet, but also of all the premises and communication technologies was gradually in progress. The development of the company itself and the transport market brought about the expansion of the business activities, which included operation of the truck wash, truck service and repair and construction of the storage premises. At the time of the transformation, the fleet consisted of tilts, tippers and isothermal milk delivery vehicles.


Nowadays the main business of our company is international truck transport and transport of bulk material and feed. We also provide other services such as forwarding – utilization of vehicles, lease of storage premises and offices, lease of repair premises, operation of the customs parking spaces of the Trnava Customs Office. With the expansion of the fleet and development of the market, we decided to set up our own TIR PETROLEUM petrol station, which is a network of petrol stations in Trnava and Šúrovce today. TNAD, a.s. is one of the largest transport companies in Slovakia without foreign ownership. Our vehicles operate in countries across Europe, mainly in the UK, Germany and France. With over 20 years of experience, we are able to provide comprehensive international transport services to maximize customer satisfaction. Marketing development, a modern transport system, professionalism, environmental friendliness and customer care make the image of a high-quality company.

After the transformation of the company, we took over the ČSAD logo, under which transport in the former Czechoslovakia had operated until 1996.

After the transfer of the company to the private ownership, a new TNAD logo was created, which retained the hallmarks of its predecessor ČSAD, as a sign of quality, years of experience and tradition. The company operated under the logo in 1996-1998.

After 1998, the board of directors accepted a new logo symbolizing TNAD itself, without the hallmarks of the former ČSAD.

In the development of the market and modernization of the fleet, we decided again to change the logo for one which would be more attractive and would be a symbol of our slogan “Transport with no limits”. And this is how the logo with the globe, under which our company operates today, was created.

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